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A hat is an accessory item, which is easily worn or removed. Red is the most intense color, pushing the boundaries of the color spectrum. A GITRH is a person who does what’s professionally practical and necessary to live and build up their quality of life.

Contrary to the "do what you love" profession model, a gitrh understands that those who seek that path and find success often overlook the element of luck and chance they required to succeed in an oversaturated environment.

Alternatively, a gitrh never forgets that his or her means is not the end. The trick is dancing the line between what is practical and what makes your toes curl up with excitement. It requires a level of self awareness that doesn't allow oneself to get complacent or stuck in a world without passion.

Art, sometimes visual, other times performative, is the red of life. Here you can find the fruits of my labor.

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